Rear view

Happy Chinese New year 2018 from Papeete in Tahiti.

I caught a glimpse of a dragon moving around in a shop yesterday. It wasn’t a big dragon and didn’t look too scary. Ah hang on, Chinese New Year started yesterday, Friday 16th February and carries on to Saturday 3rd March. That explains the dragon. Although, this year is the year of the dog on the ground, so perhaps they should have had a dog. I don’t know. I’m not Chinese.

There are many Chinese shops in Papeete and it would appear that the dragon visits them all. This could take a while.

Today I spotted the dragon, well two boys and accompanying teenage drummers. The lads seemed quite deft at donning their dragon outfit.

The back end of the dragon.

The stockier lad was the rear guard, whilst the little lad climbed into the front face.

Back end of the dragon sorted. Just the head and front legs to go.
Little lad climbes into the front of the dragon costume.

With a ricochet of fire crackers and a fuzz of smoke they were off. I didn’t hear coughing.

The rather sweet dragon is off to visit a Chinese shop.
Ah bless. In my day, they sent them up chimneys.

I’m wondering if they will be back at school in their separate classrooms on Monday. If so, what will they be wearing?

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