Love of nature has always been a defining part of me. It is me.

I love the vivid colours, textures and diversity of nature. I try to capture a little bit of it before life moves on.

The Human interaction and impact on nature is both funny and sad. I like to dip in and observe.

Married long-term to a childish sport and nature lover, in 2010 we set sail from England on our small yacht. From our adventures, we have collected a scattering of pearls of life.

Aiming for a circumnavigation, we have been captured by the French Polynesian lifestyle. Our yacht, Shiraz, bobs happily in the Papeete Marina. Like a handful of glistening pearls, these exotic islands offer everything I love in life.

I will try to harvest a handful of life’s pearls. I invite you to share my experiences, thoughts and images of life ashore and afloat . Enjoy.