Day 9: “A Pop of Color” — Incorporate Color

The Instructions

Today, pay attention to how color affects your image. Let color be the star!

Keep it simple: experiment with only one color.

Man the Lifeboats.

Lifeboat with bright orange canopy for easy identification if deployed in a crisis.

Looking across the Marina to the cruise ship dock, I listen to the emergency drill of the latest cruise ship to visit. I hear the words “Man Over Board”

We are currently in the Cyclone season in the South Pacific. I certainly do not want a cyclone in Tahiti.

The weather is unpleasant with lots of rain and wind. Our main concern is the swell coming into the marina, this can cause damage. Some yachts have had burst fenders, when the fenders are squashed between the boat hull and the pontoon. A number of the pontoons have been damaged and many yachts have been forced to move. Every one is on tender hooks, incase they need a fast exit.

The photo shows a pink burst fender. The yachts have moved leaving the tenders tied up securely.

Burst fender in the marina.

No one wants a man over board situation.


Meet “Smack”. I think Smack is a male Yellow Box fish.

But I’m not an expert and am happy to be corrected.

Every morning we hear a loud smack noise alongside our yacht and know that Smack is having breakfast. Some unsuspecting crustacean has become a tasty meal.

He’s quite an extrovert and swims to the surface when we stand on the swim deck or jump ashore.

His small mouth is deceptive, judging by the amount of green weed which he chomps off our lines in search of creatures.

I think he prefers the meaty bits to the green stuff.

He looks as though he’s whistling.

Smack has a buddy, a larger, shy fish, who disappears when rumbled . I’m not sure if it’s Mrs Smack.

Be careful what you wish for.

On board Shiraz, I’m sipping tea in the cockpit and wave at my reflection in a large mirror window on the super yacht opposite.

It reminds me of a mirror, mirror joke cracked by a school friend. The joke had something to do with a man being granted his third wish and his legs dropped off.

I expect there are many young adults who wish they could be employed on a super yacht. Imagine the kudos of successfully being selected as one of the crew.

Kitted out with a new set of deck clothes emblazoned with the super yacht logo, you are ready to start work. I can only imagine the reaction when directed to the cleaners cupboard, with instructions to clean the deck, then polish the topsides.

For someone whose bedroom has never been tidied, this could be a bit of a challenge and not quite what they had in mind.