Favourite Place.

The Instructions

Weekly photo-challenge. This week, share an image of your happy place, a secret spot you love, or a faraway location you return to again and again.

I like to take my hourly walking exercise through the Papeete Pā’ōfa’i Gardens most evenings. I walk from around 5pm when the temperature is cooler. Many people enjoy leisure time here too.

The beautiful park offers so many activities in a relatively small area.

These are my photos from last evening.

A favourite place for dog walks

Somewhere to sit down and relax.
Or work out with your friends.
Or cycle around
Play beach football
Children busy in one of the the play area.
Ukulele players
Outrigger canoes are launched from the beach in the gardens.
There are six cats living in the gardens. They are fed every night without fail by a lovely retired couple.
In the stadium at the end of the gardens events take place. Last night I heard the French singer Louane doing her sound check before her public performance.

There are beautiful trees and flowers.

Sunset over the water.

This is one of my favourite places to be.

Day 4 “Bliss” Add Caption

The Instructions.

What is bliss to you?
See the short description under the photo? That’s a caption. Today add a caption to your image so viewers know what they’re looking at!

Today I saw the blissful look in the eyes of a little dog called Napoleon, he was being gently caressed, secure in the arms of his owner.

Across the road was an adoption booth organised by the charity SPAP. Animal protection service of Polynesia.

It is true when SPAP say:

“Every day, puppies, dogs and kittens are abandoned in the streets. Every day, animals are abused and suffer from the wickedness of man.”

The object of SPAP is the improvement of animal conditions and reduce animal abuse in French Polynesia. The charity provides shelter, sterilisation campaigns, and public empowerment on the topic of animal welfare.

Today at the SPAP adoption booth, despite the rain, the cheery volunteers were optimistic that their two dogs and two puppies would find their forever home. These are the lucky few.

SPAP volunteers at the booth with their dogs for adoption. If they were all adopted, that would be bliss.
This is photo of the SPAP charity booth with the volunteers and animals for adoption. If anyone adopts these little dogs, then they will love you forever in return.

What is bliss for me?

It would be seeing the blissful look in the eyes of a little rescue dog as he was being gently caressed, secure in the arms of his new owner.