Day 7: “Big” — A Point of View

The Instructions

Today, let’s go big. Photograph something of massive size, inside or outside. Get creative with your shot: Capture all or just part of the subject. Place it in the foreground so it takes up the entire frame. Or shoot it from afar so it appears smaller — yet still prominent.

Papeete in Tahiti might be the capital city of French Polynesia but in reality its pretty small. There are no swanky skyscrapers or grand monuments.

So I had to make do with the old crumbling bandstand in the Vai’ete Square where the Roulotte stands set up in the evening.

Under the bandstand looking across the Vai’ete Square in Papeete.
Where’s the spider?

This is the Bandstand. I tried to make it look a big and important landmark.

The bandstand in Papeete.

Pick Your Nose

When I was a kid I loved making Plaster Of Paris models. My favourite was Pinocchio but his nose always fell off as I pealed away the mold.
The Tahitians like to make Tiki statues. Many are ancient but more modern ones are springing up in the Papeete Paofai Park .
The Tahitians don’t have a problem with the noses dropping off, they are flat.
Banksy style flat nosed Tiki , recently moulded and spray painted.
Newly finished stone carved flat nosed Tiki in the Paofai Park.
Moulded modern flat nosed Tiki light
No nose, in fact no face. I don’t think that was the intended prominent feature.
Flat faced Tiki in the Paofai Park.